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Resistance Whisperer Tells All!

Here's the newsletter I sent out last night (in case you missed it). I'm giving only one more notice for those who want to be in a coach training with me. The last one begins Nov 15, 2014. That's only about 10 days from now, and the class is almost full, so I thought I'd post the information here for those who don't get my announcements. 

Resistance Whisperer Tells All!

First, I love to work with Resistance. I mostly love the success rate of my methods (which is close to 100% as you've noticed on my Resistance Teleconference Workshops, or my retreats).

Second, when it comes to winning over Resistance I don't advise what everyone else seems to advise:

For instance:
  • You won't hear a word out of me about the power of positive thinking, or making yourself believe something (even that you yourself are wonderful and lovable). If you've read my books or been in 'Hanging Out (with Barbara Sher)' or at my Frankfurter Ring Coach Trainings or Scanner Retreats you have seen this truth over and over: Believe what you like. Personally, when I'm sick I prefer my doctor to give me the kind of medicine that works whether I believe in it or not.  

  • I don't believe mere humans can muscle Resistance down, either, so don't look for this kind of thing if you're working with me: 'Try harder,' 'Keep trying,' 'Just do it," or 'Where's your guts, you sissy?' It's very bracing if you're on a football team, but I never was on a football team, so I gave up on it a long time ago: I've always found 'Self-Discipline' to be a contradiction in terms.

  • And I refuse to go near anything like, 'Expect it from the universe.' Maybe the universe actually gives us stuff, I have no idea about that. But if it does, it also gives us the flu, flat tires, and Daylight Savings Time. I just don't talk to the universe at all. But I'm very happy to talk to you.
So tell me this: What are you Resisting?

I'd really like to know. Just hit Reply and your answer will come right into my inbox. And I'll answer it. Really. (If possible, in my next newsletter in a few days.)

If you wish you had a coach like me, I thank you. I'm trying to make sure there will be some Barbara Sher coaches in this world after I stop working. I'm hoping to send out about 100 of the best I've found. I need only a few more to meet that goal.

If you want to be one of those coaches, and work with me personally to learn my coaching methods, you'll have to sign up really soon for my upcoming, final coach training. It starts in less than two weeks!

If you missed your last newsletter, here are a couple of videos (in English and German) from my conference call about "Should you be a coach?"

And here's a new one I think you'll enjoy, from a wonderful workshop in Berlin in March of this year. It's about my methods, short and sweet:

Some people come to my trainings who don't want to be coaches, and I welcome them too. If you've found that my books and other works have helped you and you simply want to have a great, productive life for yourself, without being stopped by Resistance, that's okay with me, too. Sign up for the coaching class while there's still room.

In case you didn't read your last newsletter, let me say this again: I am retiring from doing intensive in-person trainings like these after this coach training. I've already stopped running my 6-day retreats, and in a little over 10 months, this training will end and I won't be teaching in person any more. If you wish you could be in this class, I want to see you there.

Coaches who want to train with me are already natural coaches, and I don't want to miss the chance to train naturally talented people. The world needs good coaches too much!

Fortunately, lots of you did read my last newsletter and I am delighted to know I'll be shaking your hand in two weeks!

But if you're Resisting taking action on this, let's change that right now! Contact the Frankfurter Ring - just for information! - before you move on to the next thing in your inbox!

This information is available in German too.

There are a number of strategy levels for overcoming Resistance, from the simple Tips and Tricks we all know (use a timer, give yourself a reward), all the way through methods I've developed that melt Resistance on the spot, when it's really really important (like on an audition, a job interview or a first date!). And even one more level than that.

Hanging Out with Barbara Sher new member registration is open today through November 16.

'Hanging Out' is a kind of miracle, my newest strategy for overcoming Resistance. I'm so proud of it I can hardly read the letters I get from members without getting emotional.

Read about it, watch the video below, and sign up here:

That wasn't a change of subject. 'Hanging Out' is a kind of miracle, my newest strategy for overcoming Resistance. I'm so proud of it I can hardly read the letters I get from members without getting emotional.

I know this about 'Hanging Out:' some of the things we need in life, the most important things, the ones that give us clarity and courage and give us back our authentic selves, take time. They also take safety and companionship. And kindness. Some fascinating explorations, and a few laughs.

I call 'Hanging Out' Identity Rehab.

I can't explain how it works any better than I could at the beginning. I'll just say that it took more time and care than anything else I've done, and that I have never loved working on anything more. (And if I get my next book in the can, I'm going to work on another year of 'Hanging Out!')

When you've been part of it and people ask what it was, all you can say is, "You had to be there."

Well, a few people have said more. They gave me permission to quote their comments from 'Hanging Out.' You decide. If you want to come on board, do it right now or you might forget that November 16 (when the clock strikes midnight in NY) is the real deadline and you'll have to wait many months until your next chance.

Success Teams leaders (you wonderful guides and midwives for everyone's dreams!), watch your email for a hefty discount on 'Hanging Out.' I want you to experience this.

I'll let these comments say goodbye for now:

This ["What If an Idea is a Work of Art? Or a Good Joke?"] is an amazing post. I had to read it slowly and even re-read it. Then I actually saw my thoughts as a beautiful stained-glass window in my mind's eye...incredible. This is my favourite inspirational post in all of Hanging Out. Thank-you Barbara!
- Sue

Hanging out with you on Fridays is like taking a warm, richly-scented bath while eating chocolate and reading an absorbing book. So many delights all at once to feed our senses. Thank you for reminding me there is so much still to learn and to live for.
- Jay

The [Wednesday] identity exercises are steep hills though when embraced are a breath of fresh air. Just to say I like the pace of Hanging's thoughtful and helpful and challenging.
- Shelley

My inner and outer life has shifted and is beginning to bloom. Barbara...YOU are truly an original. A special soul that brings life, light, imagination, dreams, and freedom to a world that seems confining. You blast through illusion of a limited life. You have been one of the true hallmarks of my life.
- Terre

Thank you Barbara. Again. This is why I am hanging out with you. My life is nearly being swallowed up by the needs of others right now and this simple action can keep my creativity flowing and also keep me from feeling like a victim!
- Katie

Thank you Barbara (and everyone else that has posted!) for the encouragement to hear my own voice again this week and furthermore, to dare and listen to it. :-)
- Christina

What part was most valuable for me? This is hard to answer, because all the elements of Hanging Out were important to me. The videos, the exercises, the audio, the links to resources...I wouldn't change any of these. But I have to say - the conference calls - during every one of them I shed tears. I found the calls to be the most powerful and moving element of Hanging Out, for me. I could identify with so many of the callers and their stories. And even though I have read and re-read most of your books, Barbara...the things you said on these calls jolted me awake, turned my head and sometimes make me laugh out loud. [Note: the phone calls -- 6 a year -- are a special treat for members in Year Two of Hanging Out.]
- Sue

I've had a habit of trying to figure out the reason for my place on earth, to 'find' greatness, and it now seems obvious and a relief to realise that what seems important to me on any given day is enough. The moments spent following my heart and 'using' my particular gift/s will add up to a life well lived. And Hanging Out has a wonderful 'small step' set-up. :-)
- Fiona

Reading these posts has helped me to feel connected again. Isolation IS the dream killer.
- Jay

Come connect with me, and with lots of other wonderful people, through Hanging Out or in person in Frankfurt starting November 15, 2014.


Barbara Sher

Barbara Sher is a world-renowned authority on identifying goals, finding drive and motivation, and avoiding resistance the natural way. (She does not believe in positive thinking, creating realities or the 'male, military model' of overcoming inner blocks.) She has 5 best-selling books in more than a dozen languages (including German), lively videos on YouTube to explain her work and Barbara's Club with online courses, book clubs, and a free Idea Party. Sher is an inspiring speaker who has been called 'a standup comic with a message' and 'the godmother of life coaching.'

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